Strawberry Pancakes

Back from Mexico and back to eating normally again. I had lots of strawberries leftover from Valentine’s day so I came up with this yummy pancake meal ♡


1-1/2C oat flour
•1/2 scoop protein powder
•1Tbsp cinnamon
•1Tbsp maca powder (optional)
•1tsp baking powder
•1Tbsp chia seeds
•2Tbsp xylitol (or raw sugar of choice)
•1 egg
•1C pureed strawberries
•1/2-3/4C coconut milk or your choice
•1tsp pure vanilla extract

Combine all dry ingredients until well combined. Puree your strawberries in blender (I had to add a little water) add all wet ingredients (start with 1/2C milk, add more if needed) to dry and mix until well combined.  Fry in pre-heated greased pan 2-4 min per side.

•5 Strawberries
•1/2tsp Pure vanilla extract

▶Cut strawberries into small chunks and cook over medium heat with vanilla for about 10min, stir often and mash with fork. Top pancakes and add extra fresh strawberries.