Homemade LÄRABAR

So I’m on day 6 of whole30 and I have a serious chocolate addiction, it has been really tough not being able to have any dark chocolate unless of course it’s 100% cocoa which I haven’t been able to find plus it would be really bitter sooo I decided to make homemade LÄRABARS!

I made a huge batch so feel free to halve the recipe, there are so many different alterations you can do as well, switch up the nuts, use different nut butter, ect. For these ones recipe as follows:

•1C Mixed almonds, walnuts, pepitas (pumpkin seeds)
•1/4C almond butter
•1/4C unsweet coconut flakes
•1 tsp cinnamon
•Appx. 60-70 Pitted dates

Pulse nuts/seeds in food processor until little bits, add coconut, almond butter and dates and process until well combined and no large chunks of dates left. Place in 9×9 parchment lined dish and press mixture until square, cut up into little bars. You can also just use your hands and shape into bars or balls. Store in fridge.

Simplified smaller recipe:
1/4C nuts of choice
1/4C nut butter of choice
Appx. 25-30 Dates

Process nuts in food processor until small bits then add nut butter and dates, process until well combined.