Victoria, BC

Bio: I decided to change my life around after years of yoyo dieting and not consistently exercising, I was overweight and out of shape and I wanted to change that. Starting January 2013 I started eating healthy and consistently exercising 5-6 times a week, I started by following a meal plan by Keri Glassman (the O2 diet), this book completely changed the way I ate and looked at food, it gave me the knowledge to create my own meal plans for the week and succeed doing so. I followed Jamie Eason’s 12 week LiveFit trainer from bodybuilding.com to start with exercising and now I am able to create my own exercises. I have never felt stronger in my life. I have currently lost over 60lbs; overall I want to be healthy and fit. I want to share my recipes and fitness tips to help others succeed in their goals. Please follow me for motivation.

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m try to get stated I am real bad with how to eat right or what to cook… I don’t eat a lot but eat junk.
    And I don’t exercise need help please.

    • I can help you. The first thing you need to do is stop eating the junk and not eating alot is not good either. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and you can indulge once a week it’s not going to kill you. Also have healthy indulgences, if you would like I can email you a meal plan to follow. You have to be comitted to following it and try and exercise too I can help you with that too. Let me know your email or email me at food4fuelfit4life@gmail.com

  2. I would like ur peanut butter cup recipe.

  3. You’ve been nominated for the 2013 ethicalDeal blog awards in the Health & Fitness category!


  4. You are a Top 5 Blog in the Health and Fitness Category for the 2013 ethicalDeal Blog Awards!


  5. Good luck on the ethicalDeal contest!

  6. Hi, I love your blog. It’s such a healthy and yummy. And the pictures are so stunning. Which camera do you use for food photography? 🙂

  7. Hi again! I nominated you for an award for your good work! Congratulation! Enjoy 🙂
    DETAIL: http://acrazychef.wordpress.com/2013/12/24/versatile-blogger-award/

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