Raw Raspberry Swirl Mini Cheesecakes


I’ve been wanting to make these for a while now.  Finally got a big bucket of cashews on sale and decided to make them! Step by step instructions and recipe below … keep scrolling. Delicious!


All raw ingredients, trying out this new local coconut oil.


Line tins with parchment strips then press your date mixture down coming up about 1/3 of the tins.


Pour cashew mixture over crust.


Swirl raspberry with toothpick into filling. Place in freezer.


Pop out of tins and remove parchment strips.




Decorate for pictures 🙂



Raw Raspberry Mini “Cheesecakes”

Yield: 6 mini cakes

•1 cup Whole Almonds
•1 cup Dates, soaked in warm water
•1/4 cup flaked coconut

•1 cup Raw Cashews, soaked for at least 6 hours in cold water
•1/2 cup Frozen raspberries
•1/4 cup Raw honey, melted
•1/4 cup Virgin Coconut Oil, melted
•1/2 tsp pure Vanilla Extract
•2Tbsp Fresh squeezed lemon juice

Swirl top:
•1/2 Cup Raspberries  (if frozen, thaw)

1. Soak cashews for at least 6 hours in water. Pit and soak dates for 20 minutes.
2.In food processor pulse almonds and flaked coconut until crumbly, add soaked dates and process until you get sticky dough like texture.
3. Line muffin tin with strips of parchment for easy removal. Divide date mixture into 6 portions (I actually had extra that I used for “LÄRA Bars”) and press into bottom of prepared tins, coming up about 1/3 of the tins. Set aside.
4. Melt honey and coconut oil. In clean food processor process all filling ingredients until smooth. Divide over the 6 prepared crusts. Set aside and work quick with next step.
5. Process or blend your raspberries until liquidy. Divide over 6 prepared fillings and swirl in with toothpick. Place in freezer for at least 4 hours. I set mine overnight.
6. Pop out of muffin tins and peel off parchment. Sit out for 20 minutes before enjoying. Store in freezer.



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