Blueberry Pancakes


Made these for my lovely boyfriends birthday breakfast,  recipe as follows↓ serves 2

1C oat flour
•1/2C oats
•1.5 scoop protein powder (I used vegan vanilla bean)
•1Tbsp maca powder (optional)
•2tsp cinnamon
•1tsp baking powder
•2Tbsp xylitol
•1/2C unsweetened applesauce
•1tsp pure vanilla extract
•1/2-1C unsweetened almond milk
•1 egg
•1C blueberries

Preheat pan and grease. Combine all dry ingredients until well incorporated. Whisk in wet ingredients (start with 1/2C of milk and add more until right consistency) and stir in blueberries. Pour about 1/4C worth of batter into pan and cook for 2-4min per side. Serve.

For the topping I blended strawberries, banana, mango, Greek yogurt and a little almond milk. Leftovers went in the freezer for a treat later ♡ I ran out of blueberries, I would have probably made a blueberry topping  but this was just as delicious.


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